Groundhog Day

Tell me why you didn't achieve this KPI?

Because the stakeholder working group decided to move this project to next year. I couldn't achieve the KPI for this year on a project that was no longer within the time period. We did talk about it at the time and you agreed that the KPI would move to next year's development program.

Oh right, thanks.


Remind me, why didn't we do this KPI?

Because the project was moved to next year instead of this year. So we couldn't achieve the goad this year. But we will next year.

Oh right, thanks.


I know I've asked you this before, but why didn't you achieve this KPI?

Because the working committee moved the project by a year. So the KPI was no longer valid for this year.

Oh right, thanks.

Would you like me to put that in an email so you have it in writing?

No, no. That's okay. I've got it now.


Hey, hi.


So this KPI here wasn't achieved.

That's right.

Can you tell me why?


Yeh, why didn't this get done?

The working committee moved the project to next year. So the KPI couldn't happen this year. Next year, it can be done when the project gets done.

Oh right. Thanks.


Remind me again why this KPI wasn't done?

I sent that to you in an email the last time you asked about this.

Oh I know, but just tell me. I'll find the email again later.

The project was moved from this year to next. So the KPI has had to move with it. No project this year, no KPI this year. Next year the project will be done and the key performance indicator will be achieved.

Right. Ok, thanks.

You've asked me about this quite often. Is there something about it you don't understand?

No, no. I understand it. I'm clear. That's great.



My line manager wants to know why this KPI hasn't been achieved.


Can you tell me why?


See here where it says you were going to do this thing, and it wasn't done? Why is that?


Can you hear me?

The stakeholder working committee decided that the project would be moved to next year, so the KPI couldn't be achieved because it's part of the project. Therefore it was not done this year. It will be done next year, when the project is done. You agreed that the KPI would shift from this year's development plan to next year's development plan.

Oh, right. Yes, I remember something about that.

Would you like me to resend the email with all the details.

Oh, no, I'll have it somewhere.

*resends email* would you like to have a chat about the KPI to be really clear on what happened?

No, no, I'm across it now.