Sunday update

Do you ever have so much going on that you just can't.. do.. anything?

Over the course of Friday I made a list of what I needed to get done this weekend. I broke it down into hours - both of hours each task would take, and hours I was prepared to spend on each task for the bigger projects. My total was 14 hours for the weekend.

Sweet; no problem. I was going to dedicate my weekend to moving forward.

What did I do? Nothing.

Well not exactly nothing. Yes, on Saturday: nothing. Didn't even get out of my nightie!

Sunday I went to the French markets before dropping into the MINI Garage to test out a few MINI options. Yes, why not look at brand new cars while your jeans remain unhemmed at home, Michelle!

This afternoon I baked a sponge cake and, uncharacteristically, trashed the kitchen in the process.

When I was reading of ways to be French, one of the suggestions was to be your own Grand Aunt. The person in your life who gave you good advice and take you to high tea and generally be a tremendous support for you in your life.

Well my Grand Aunt seems to be an amphetamine addict with erratic compulsions and a desire to disappoint everyone.

For effs sake, the very last thing in the world I need is MORE CAKE! What I need is CLEAN LAUNDRY! and a few more BLOG POSTS!!

Ah well. Weekends are pretty short and the French Market really is a lovely way to start a Sunday. I would like to buy a brand new MINI but I am not really the kind of adult who is old enough to buy a new car.

Have a good week peoples: see you on the internets!