Hi there - my name is Michelle Park and this is my blog: thejamjar.com

I live in Auckland, New Zealand but I was born in the Bay of Plenty and raised in Taranaki. I am divorced and live with my ex-husband. My three adult children are carving out lives of their own here in Auckland. I have a daughter-in-law, three grand daughters, four rabbits, a cat and a dog. That’s enough for about twenty blog posts right there, I reckon.

The Jamjar is my personal, long suffering blog. It puts up with my blog surges: unpredictable hiatuses, frequent obsessions, petty annoyances, and the distinct lack of niche content - yup, I’m all over the place with what I write about.

I’ve been blogging since before that was even a word. I’ve had a couple of people tell me they started their blogs after reading mine and deciding “Well that doesn’t look particularly difficult” and “If she can do it, hells let’s give it a go!” (paraphrasing but a true story that is taken with the kindness it was intended).

My blogging has made for a richer life and lead me to meet some incredible people. I have a small and incredibly loyal clutch of readers whom I love with all my heart - and one I even loved with other bits.

Having a blog has meant I’ve done things, gone places, and learned things I don’t think I would have without starting out with the intention of telling you about them. I’ve learned a lot of technical stuff too: servers and databases, video and audio, improved my photography and writing in general - my work emails are pretty flipping sweet these days!

My blog has helped me gain jobs and with my day job. It’s simply one of the best backbones a person can have in their life’s toolbox, in my opinion. Plus, my blog remembers things I’ve forgotten - which is happening more and more these days.


I hope you find that visiting thejamjar.com is worth your while. If you’d like to say hi you can do that in the comments of any blog post or through the Contact form - that shoots an email right to me. I’m also a massive fan of Twitter and have a massive crush on Instagram. I also have a Facebook page and if you’re that way inclined, you can Like the page and then be updated through your FB feed.

Fox and I have been corresponding via weekly videos and you can watch on the letters to fox on YouTube. We plan to continue through 2018 too so go see what we got up to.