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Wednes Day Links

It’s Evolve-time at work. I’m sure if you work in a corporate-type situation this is the time of the year when you’ll need to review your objectives and goals from the beginning of the year (all those promises), discuss them with your manager (make excuses as to why they’re not done), and plead your case for a pay rise or bonus (begging). Where I work the process is called Evolve (I feel better already). 

Filling in the forms that need to be sent to HR take ages and everyone (it’s not just me) groans about it. Before we get going on the document, we must clean our desks (need a clean work surface), sort our filing (clean out that intray to make room for all that bon-us mon-ey), re-organising the stationery cupboard (ooo pink post its!)

You know, all those procrastinating habits born of years of studying for exams (who says school is a waste of time).

Trouble is, after all your sorting and cleaning and paperclip-chain-making, you may still not be ready to start on the documenation. In that case, here are a few work(ish and a bit real-lifey) related links to read to avoid the evolving just a few more minutes and maybe even be a nicer work colleague.


... and we danced all day to the best song ever


Buntastic bunnies breakfast-time

This video shows Rosie gathering fur and hay to line her nest. Sexually mature rabbits will dig and line nests regardless of if they are expecting babies. I currently have four bunnies yet to be desexed, and it seems like it’s the “time of the month” for Rosie, at the moment.

You’ll see at the beginning of the video she’s yanking fur out of her body. She’ll use  this to line the nest for her imaginary babies. Then she gathers hay - and you’ll note she’s pretty choosey about which bits of hay she selects; gathering more and more into her mouth (look, Ma, no hands!) to take down to her burrow. 

The burrow is underneath the hutch she shares with Pepper, Abby, and Richie, and is wide and deep and dark, so I wasn’t able to get a shot good enough for you to see. But it’s a doosey of a burrow, believe me!

Mops isn’t as interested in my camera as the other buns in the video below.

I love how Charlie and the girls are just used to having a camera shoved into their faces. Mops is pretty non-plussed and won’t go out of her way to do anything. The others are a bit more inquisitive, and Bella is downright “get that blimmin’ thing out of my hutch!” as you’ll see the black rabbit land in front of the camera and, grabbing the lens with her teeth, try to eject it from her home. 

Fortunately she turns it the wrong way - the blurry golden bunny in the distance is Summer, btw - and then Charlie (ever the camera ham) uses the same technique to haul it back.

Snowflake tries to groom her mama, Bella, but gets ticked off and turns her back on the whole proceedings.

I can, and do, watch these guys for hours. They’re such characters and are so complex and cute.


A tribute to Phet

I’ve been really sad this week because a dear friend died.

He was also a friend of thejamjar, and if you’re one of my dear readers who have been here since the beginning, you would have seen Phet’s comments back when that’s what people did on blogs.

Phet was never one for cliches, and was always annoyed when I used them. He was also at a loss to know why I didn’t like Pink Floyd. But besides our few differences, we had a lot of sames and enjoyed each other’s company for a long time. He was the one who kept count of the years - I thought we’d have more, but it seems 15 was enough.

“Come on you raver, you seer of visions; come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!”


Sing-a-long Friday


Wednesday Matinée


Maker Monday

I’m taking a break from my day-job with a couple of days of annual leave.

So. Great.


I’m cooking and stamping and stitching and loving the peace and warm, quiet workdays at home.

On my needles

Making a start on my first ever socks thanks to Stray Cat Sock Kit (lollypop colourway).

Being someone who likes to start things means I need to keep my focus on finishing things. So the knitting basket has the crochet granny squares (64 of 240 completed) and Frances the sock wearing Fox (three paws and two socks to go) underway, and I couldn’t help but cast on for the Stray Cats Sock Kit socks in the Lollypop colourway.

I have the knitting technique of the nine year old girl who learned to knit and refused to listen to her wise Nana who *knew* taking the easy way out of holding the needles and yarn at the time would lead to this. This? yes, the uneven tension of the finished product plus: slow knitting - everything I knit takes ages. I’m ribbing the top of the Stray Cat sock (as you can see in the top photo) so have determined to retrain my muscles to hold the yarn and needles like a knitter rather than a rower once I’m on the stocking stitch which is only a few rows away now. 

The measure of success will be that the second sock will look visibly better than sock number one.

Homemade home

After the longest time of wanting to make signs for the bunny hutches. I reclaimed some driftwood from the beach to paint and stamp to finally be able to refer the rabbit houses with proper names. Up to now it’s been “you know the hutch in the middle” or “the one under the tree” etc. Now I can say “Charlie and the Girls’ hutch” or “Richie’s” or, well, Summer’s has always been Summer’s, but soon she’ll have a sign.

After I seal these, I’ll drill holes, add twine and hang them in each of the three hutches, and one for the gate. 

I worry about electricity meter readers and neighbourhood kids not shutting the garden gate properly - not that kids’d read the sign - but maybe their parents will. Or at least I tried, you know? I don’t really worry about the bunnies getting *out*, I worry more about dogs getting *in*. Oh man, that would be *so* bad.

Stamped signs for the rabbit hutches and garden gate.


I think they’ll look great especially once the hutches are repainted when the weather is better.

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