HR hotline

If we made a website that had a blog, and video, and podcasts. Do you think that would be a good website? 

Ahh.. sounds like it could be?

Yes, I thought so too. Could you do it?

Ahh.. what do you mean?

Could you make the site? with video and a blog and podcasts. Maybe a forum too?

The thing is, each one of those little words like "blog" has so much work involved in it. For instance, who is the blogger? or bloggerS for that matter. And what are they going to write about? and how often? and who's going to chase them up when they miss their deadlines? and wrangle the editorial calendar so they have topics to write about? and what do we do when no one produces their blogs because it's not a priority because of all their other tasks are more important?

So you don't think you could do it?

It sounds like you may need a dedicated resource to run this project.

And that's not you.

Not with my current work load, no. I currently do the same thing with two dedicated days per week. You could dedicate another two of my days on this new project and shift my current work to someone else, if you wanted me to do it.

So we need to hire a web person?

Well you need to hire someone who has a vision of what this site can be, a focus on the problems it is solving, a ability to research what the audience needs, and a drive to see the project through while managing stakeholders and juggling providers and contractors.

So I need to hire a comms person?

Would a comms person necessarily have the skills to manage all those facets? probably not - they're probably good at the writing, some parts of the content. May not be as web savvy as you need them to be when dealing with videographers or podcasters or maybe they're more news based and having to write script for podcasts is out of their field? You need to find the right person.. someone like [awesome girl in marketing] who can just rise to all the challenges.

So I need to hire a project manager?

Mostly you need to figure out what this webpage is about.

Ok, great. I'll talk to HR and see who's available.