Longrain Saturday

shopping for fresh ingredients at early-morning Queen Victoria Markets

A shared meal to celebrate Craig's birthday was the goal of our efforts today which saw an early start for the Oxford Street Crew this morning - we three are not naturally morning people - so we went gently into the grey day, shopping list in hand.

We gathered all our supplies with effortless efficiency. Pipis (clams) and organic chicken from the protein section; limes, coriander and ginger from the fresh produce stalls. All manner of Thai spices and pastes were to be found across the road at the Asian Grocer. Talk about 'one stop shop' - the market and surrounds is the only way to go.

Home again to coffee and a loose plan around how we would approach the two dishes we want to take to the Kincaid's this evening.

Steamed Pipi Salad with Basil & Chili and Spiced Barossa Chicken with Plum Sauce

Fox and Willo cooking up a storm in the kitchen - Jet the Dog supervising

Jet has been very helpful - supervising is what he's best at. Right now he's keeping an eye on the palm sugar and plums being caramelised for the sauce.

The grey beginning to today gave way to the brilliant sunshine of a Spring afternoon. Our doors flung open, the apartment smells of pepper and asian spices; sweet and sours; just like a bought one.