Up Date Sunday

What a wonderful evening. Everyone did an amazing job with their allocated recipes - from the fishcakes and duck salads to the curries, eggnets and pork hocks. We all amazed ourselves - the quality was outstanding - as good as Longrain, we reckoned except for the pork hock and caramel sauce which was, actually, *better* than Longrain's.

Thanks everyone, especially the Kincaids who hosted the evening. It was a lovely time with our accumulated Antipodean family - we really are a very lucky bunch of people to know so many adventurous cooks!

steamed pipi salad
Steamed Pipi Salad with Basil and Chilli

spiced barossa chicken with tamarind sauce
Spiced Barossa Chicken with Plum Sauce


  • Fish cakes
  • Steamed pipi salad
  • Papaya salad with coconut rice
  • Crisp duck & lychee salad
  • Grilled prawn salad with a green chilli & galangal dressing


  • Spiced barosossa chicken with plum sauce
  • Caramalised pork hock with chilli vinegar
  • Egg nets with pork, prawn, Beansprouts & cucumber relish
  • Peanut curry of grilled beef
  • Prawns stir fried with turmeric, chilli & garlic paste


  • Stickmata
  • Caipiroska

(now I'm off to see a matinee session of UP - what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon)