One dawn to rule them all

tram with the advert that says Not All Jams Are Nice In The Morning

Long day today. Up very early, but in bed at days end, as-I-type.

Today was known for its sleeting rain, howling winds, flaming bar-b-ques and street-side auctions. I still have to tell you about my new job - part of that new job today meant helping people understand the support that is out there if they have financial hardship. It's Anti-Poverty Week in Victoria, and today we shared a lot of information.

I also bought a painting at aforementioned auction (I want to say "link in the dooblie-doo" but, I'm not a You Tube channel) and will show it to you when I tell you about the job - which will happen sooner rather than later (probably later - I still have to finish that last post!).

OH! while at the Anti-Poverty thing (I don't know what to call it - gathering?) I took a look in an Op Shop and found three copies of Trixie Beldon books - I came *this* close to buying them but they were in such poor condition I opted for looking for better copies in other second hand book shops. I am, however, suffering severe remorse for NOT buying this amazing $10 centre-piece.

In other, unrelated but wonderful news: a son for my cousin Megan and her husband Nick; a brother to Evie. Welcome to the world, Xavier Cameron.