Attendees: Rupert, Tor, Alvina, Mark, Michelle [and a whole lot of other people we don't really care about cos they wouldn't share their chips and dips]
Apologies: Tristan "I'd rather be a indoor lawn bowler", Peter "let my inner real estate agent free"
Spectator: Bruce
Floater: Matt "I'll wait til I find out who has the best snacks before I decide on which team invitation I will accept"
Facilitator and All Round Grand PoohBah: Richard
Date: 22 June 2006 Time 5:30-7:30pm Location: Level 5

The extremely punctual Learning Services Group Quiz Team representatives arrived in good form and fashion complete with both liquid (wine, beer and coke) and solid (Chips, Grainwaves and ah, more Grainwaves) to represent the learning department in the Company Pub (noPub) Quiz last night.

It was quite clear from the onset that the core Company values of working together were cast aside for this important and extremely competitive competition. Departments with representative teams remained extremely separate with no "data sharing" whatsoever. A number of Teams flouted their (obviously) large social budgets with huge platters of well organised snacks, dips, nibbles, and generous amounts of wine, champagne and beer. We extended our hands of friendship but they were smacked back with nary a sniff of the dips.

But our steely resolve wasn't tarnished by our meagre sustenance, in fact if anything, our determination to edge out all our competition solidified into a great pep-talk from Rupert who decided we were gonna "kick their asses with our brains" or.. something like that (I wasn't really listening) and he dubbed us Team Drunken Codrex (we were carrying sick and wounded as well.. hell, we really should have been handicapped now I think about it) and hoped the other teams would become slow and sleepy by eating so many carbs so late in the day.

Our small number (5 members, dropping to 4 after Mark had to leave after Round 3) pitted against the other mighty teams (8-13 members, all with cell phones though I'm not accusing anyone of anything) did very well in all rounds. Thanks to Alvina's sterling knowledge of All Things American, Tor's amazing islands of information regarding "young people's" music, Mark's good fortune to have attended school the day the Maths tutor taught him all about angles, Michelle's fascination with diseases, and Rupert's knowledge of Nuclear Radiation yet again proving to be a winner.

While we didn't manage to win the trophy, we proved yet again: Online Delivery (Keepers of the Company Knowledge) are solid C Grade students of life and general knowledge. We tied a respectable 3rd place in the competition. (I think.. pretty sure we did anyway.. we sure in hell weren't last, i know that much)

I am pretty sure we had a good time and if there had been an award for team work, we would have won that.

A HUGE thanks to Richard for running such a smooth quiz show, compiling challenging questions and ensuring we all had a super evening.

Lessons Learned: Next time, someone read the sports section of the paper for goodness sakes!

[this post originated as an internal Company email and therefore, has been modified somewhat for public consumption - mostly to correct the spelling errors but also, to protect the innocent]