Another Day in Someone Else's Office

ferry into town

What a beautiful day. It's been a long day, but a good one.

I popped into Serious Espresso today after a long time of not doing so, they were pleased [I got hugs!] to see me and I was pleased to see Holly and Terase again - I miss those girls. The coffee was fantastic, the panini was delicious, the company outstanding - it was as if I hadn't been away 6 months.

It was nice coming home at the end of today. Weird that coming home is not the usual way to end a day for me anymore.

We're all going out for drinkies next week so that should be interesting with the numbers of PXT phones and digital cameras - nothing like blogging pub pictures! I know you guys get sick of it but hey, I like to have some evidence of the night before!

Meanwhile - sports news and the League season is over for the Warriors - not finishing with the wooden spoon, but very low on the points table and not earning a spot in the playoffs. Hopefully, the Captain from the Broncos coming to play and be our Captain next season might turn the tide of losses. And just so you know, proving Phet and I know talent when we see it: Karmichael Hunt got Rookie of the Year at the NRL Awards. Watch that boy, he's good, if a little firey. Shame he's not a Warrior.