The Good Oil

J�m�s:���have you had your fish oil today?

Michelle: ���ah.. no i haven't.

Michelle:���it irritates me that you have to take 3 tablets a day for THREE MONTHS before any effects are notable and I can't even take the contraceptive pill every day let alone a watermelon sized gel cap full of fish ooze

J�m�s:���they are a bit big, and it doesn't seem to make much difference. i mean i should be seeing something by now, unlit I'm just going to switch on like a light bulb at the 3 month mark. �"ping!" instant Stephen Hawking

Michelle: ���why do you want to be stephen hawking? so your wife can leave you outside all night and let you get sunburned during the day cos that's what Mrs Hawking does to the helpless Stevie.

J�m�s:���ah but when your heads in a different galaxy, who cares. It's just strange, why do all the really intelligent people look so strange

Michelle: ���because they, unlike us, can't have *everything*

J�m�s: ���but what about those of us who look strange anyway, why are we not fabulously intelligent. it'll be that lack of fish oil thing again

Michelle: ���I'm not taking those tablets! I'll continue to get by on my good looks and to hell with the memory

J�m�s:���yeah! cos even if you have a bad hair day, you'll have forgotten about it by the end of the week

Michelle: ���i know.. see? i'm really a gold fish

J�m�s: ���but they only get 7 seconds. I wana know how they mearsured it

Michelle:���i guess you watch a goldfish long enough you'll see it lose its car keys, divide the number of times it lost its car keys in the time you were watching it and voila.. 7 seconds

J�m�s:���oh...........right.......................... *goes to put jug on*