Up and out early this morning. My Jetstream saga drags on - why is the universe standing between me and broadband wearing a Telecom logo? I have to phone them again today - seems they think my account number doesn't match my phone number even though it's written on the account I pay every month!

Should I invoke the "I Went To School With Your CEO" thing? nah, didn't think that would work.

Meanwhile back in MishLand, I enrolled in an Illustration and Comic Art class. Using this to kickstart some actual drawing rather than my constant talking about drawing which is what's happening at the moment. It also gives me an excuse to buy a new scanner so I can get said drawings up onto the interweb so you can see I made the right decision and didn't go work for Disney in the '80s. Not, mind you, that I had any sort of decision as fabulous as that.

Don't go holding your breath though, the classes don't start until the second week of October.

I made time to draw the fish I mentioned in an earlier post - unfortunately, they must've been dead a while when I bought them, because by the time I came to draw those fish smelled so bad I just couldn't. I was surprised seeing as they'd been in my fridge for only 2 days - I'm glad i didn't eat them!

Jurors rushed verdict to watch 'Coronation St' MPs told

A man gave MPs a rare insight into the jury room yesterday, telling them fellow jurors in a rape trial were ready to agree to a guilty verdict because some were desperate for a cigarette and others wanted to get home to watch Coronation St.