"look.. the NetGuide has an article on blogging and lists all these kiwi blogs and mines not in here"

"let me see" *scanning the pages*

"James has both his in there, and there's triplux, and norightturn.. but no jamjar"

"well" *finished scanning* "of course not"

"of course not? why not?"

"because it's not a list of the 10 Most Ghey Blogs"


"I never meant *that*, I meant the LIST in the NetGuide was a list of the Most Ghey Blogs, THAT'S why your blog wasn't mentioned"

"well that's not what I heard, I blogged what I heard"

"look, if i was gonna hassle you i would have put a little more effort into it. why would i say *anything* like that, it was *so* complex it's like using "not not not" in a sentence canceling each other out. it's like playing monopoly, now *that's* complex, you have to like - *think*"

"oh.. well..I guess I heard wrong"

"i was trying to make you feel better"

"well, I can see that *now*"

"you just say utter *bollocks* in your blog."