Best bits

The Ultimate Olympian -
"Perhaps more worrying than anything I�ve mentioned so far is the fact that when Paula Radcliffe broke the world record in the marathon, she ran most of her 26 miles around two minutes faster than it takes me to run just one at the moment. And she�s a girl." more...

Evertything is Wrong with Me -
The thing is, it's so disarming that I can't even articulate properly. I'm usually calling about some big financial deal, and when she answers the phone with that sweet, sweet voice, I find myself stumbling, "Hi, um, Shannon. This is Jason Mulgrew, from, um, well, that's not important. I'm calling to see, well, how are you? That's rude of me, isn't it? Here I am going on and on about me, and I haven't even asked how you are doing. So, uh, how are you doing? You know, I can neither see nor smell you, but I'm sure you look and smell great today. Not that I don't want to see or smell you. Do you have any plans to visit New York anytime soon? Have I ever told you that I'm kinda famous on the internet?"

Find the G Spot -
..your challenge will be to find my G-Spot. Make the right moves and I will be nice, poke around in the wrong places and I will get mad. Start out where you think the g-spot is located and see if you can find it.

I'm not in the mood to offer a tutorial, but I will let you know if you are heading the wrong direction. more... (it's the artwork!)

Ah, Kate, how do we love you? It's a well-known fact that Berkshire-born actress Kate Winslet has got her baps out in every single film she has worked on, including the ones where the script stipulated that she remain fully clothed, the filthy slattern. But that's what you get when you come from a part of Reading where nudity is virtually obligatory in her part of town. They've even built a block of flats in her honour down the Oxford Road, with a removable roof. more...