yoo hoo..

I had such a touching weekend. Firstly my Saturday was spent at the funeral of a friend's mother. Although I did not know her, her son has always been a dear friend to me and I needed to hug him even if I failed completely on having any voice to say anything let alone anything helpful. It was lovely hearing about his mother's life - she sounded quite the organiser and character.

Afterwards (checks Rosies site to see if she's written about it) oh she has. For some odd and strange reason known only to the Universe, Rosie and I didn't get to see each other on Saturday, but were rewarded with a delightful afternoon at my house yesterday.

Really really nice Sunday afternoon.

I seem to have lost my blogging feng shui. I'm so happy at the moment with a lot of things in my life and most of my best blogging (could we think of a different word please? I really really do hate that one) is fueled by pain and anger and frustration.

Thanks to Sarah at One Before dot org for the headsup on Driver's Seat (I always remember that wrong) Front Seat's blogging segment last night. I've been a Russell Brown fan ever since he MC'd TUANZ a year or so back (it was cool just to be nominated). He was looking rather wind-swept-and-interesting last night. Yeh, I mostly didn't listen to the show as I was pretty well captivated by his rusticness. I taped it so on second viewing I might have something more constructive to say rather than "yooo hooo Russell over _here_!"