We went in search of

We went in search of curry, and coffee and 3mm single hole punches. They're fairly elusive, you see. Not the formers, but the later. In the olden days, when bus drives clipped your ticket, the hole patterned or otherwise, was a neat 3mm. Since the advent of mechanically printed and dispensed tickets, the need to clip has gone by the wayside, and so too have all the bus clipping devices. (someone somewhere'll have a box full of the suckers under their bed).

James and I started at the top of our list, and went to Downtown and ate curry. *crossed that off the list* Re-prioritising as need be, we moved the "coffee" part of our plan down one notch and the "3mm single hole punch" up to second position. Upwards to the Warehouse Stationery to find they, too, had an abundance of 6mm single hole punches along with a plethora of decorative 6 mm hole punches but alas alack, no 3mm single hole punches. James, ever the ideas man, decided we needed to ask a ferryman, becauseyou see, ferrymen clip tickets. So in the bleak and rain and bluster, we squinted our way umbrellaless through the precipitation to the Ferry Terminal and explained to a bewildered pastey girl (ok she had that northern alabaster complextion but for now we'll just say it was pastey) who didn't seem to be following the conversation. Her colleague was extra helpful, phoning his manager who was the main purchaser of said clippers and she gave him and subsequently he gave us, the names of two possible suppliers. So James' trail for 3mm single hole punches is still warm enough to follow.

So on to the final item on our list and it was up to Serious Espresso for coffee. A pretty decent lunchtime all-around.