My wonderful cousin Suzi

my 3rd or 4th birthday

My wonderful cousin Suzi sent me this picture. I am amazed I actually recognised/remembered nearly everyone in it - mostly because they still look the same, I think! Mum helped out on the boys-down-the-front. So..

from left-right, backrow: Suzi Park, Maree Chalker, me, Terry Chalker.
from left-right, middle row: Debbie Chalker, Warren Harvey, Sharon Hart, Michael and Steven Devereaux.
right in the front with the blue overalls, Wendy Harvey.
the little blonde boy in the sailor suit to the right is my brother Wayne

The Chalkers and Suzi are my cousins, Warren and Wendy Harvey lived next door (Warren called me "fat face" when I had the mumps), Sharon Hart lived across the road, the Devereaux kitchen caught fire and nearly burned their whole house down.

This must've been a wonderful day for me, because I still have slivers of memory about it. About my tartin skirt which felt scratchy on my legs. About my wonderful farmyard cake with pink pigs and fences on its smooth white icing. Of a smell, which I've always smelled since when sniffing around new plastic dolls.

Hey Delany? haha.. you look like me!

Thanks Suzi, you rock.