Deciding to bludge CDs from

Deciding to bludge CDs from Serious Espresso to introduce my ears to new sounds - I snaffled three, to get back to work and find two of the cases are empty. Ah, well - I'll go back tomorrow for another raid. Listening to something called "Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight".

..and now I need to brush my teeth.

Oh, I was going to say: I don't believe computers should be in schools. Especially not in Primary [Elementary] Schools and not in Secondary Schools until the 6th Form. Why? because I think they are a financial drain and a diversion from other skills. I believe anyone can pick up on computer skills in a short amount of time so a course later in school life is all that is needed. Plus, kids who are interested in computers usually have them at home and are literate anyway. The cost of computers in school defere money away from sports equipment, core subjects budgets and fool parents into thinking their kids are getting a good education because there is x number of computers in the class room. Sitting in front of a computer doesn't mean you're working and it sure in hell doesn't mean you're learning either.