My Friday was much


My Friday was much better than any other day last week - mostly because I was feeling a bit better, and partly due to a lovely rose sent to me by a very sweet man who sure didn't have to but just made me grin like a goofy girl when he did. Thankyou NB. Friday night was good too - went for a drink with the other michelle at work, then off to the SKY bar with sonia to watch the warriors lose to the bulldogs. (no capitals sunday) then we went for a late night burger at dennys where sonia *spilled* her guts on all sorts of things I never knew then she dropped me off home.

Saturday was busy getting stuff ready for amy's party - ok - well I window shopped with greg and david for hours then on the way home we bought beer and alch-i-pops and that was that. party was ok - the boys that came were, on the whole, well behaved and pretty good value. One puked all over the front steps but they all took care of their own. The girls were worse, smuggling booze into a party that had provided booze so over drank and some became quite intoxicated. But it all worked out in the end and amy had a great birthday party. I said "amy, did you have a good night?" while I was tucking her into bed around 1am.. she said "yes, I got a boyfriend for my birthday. I had a grrrrrrreat time" *s* so now she has a *steady* boyfriend she's walking on cloud nine and looks lovely.

Today was a bit slower, I walked over to a friends house for coffee and ended up out on her husband's boat taking photos of him and his HUGE king fish. massive. i hope the pics turned out i think he wanted to submit them to the fishing magazine. He had made a guest appearance on Gone Fishin' on Saturday night taking the host of that show out to the "sweet fishing spot". Home again to help david with his project, like all of us he leaves his stuff til the last minute.

And now home.. to bed shortly, and to make a better face of this week than I did the last. Thanks to those who put up with me.