Poor Rosie, she gets lumbered

Poor Rosie, she gets lumbered with all the problems at work. Besides being groomed as the New Improved Project Manager ( a job she was born to do but her basket heavy with projects ) and having to produce Instructional Design and Multimedia as well, PLUS being the IT girl, she's also in charge of a stupid piece of software that has more techical difficulties than I have excuses not to exercise. She's more than capable and mostly fabulous at everything she does, its just that no one can do everything. So her Monday felt like a week.

Mine felt long too - steady productive work all day but doing anything on only a few hours sleep is always hardwork. Seems we roll into the third week of Michelle Sleeping Badly. I woke this morning to find it was 7:55am. Kinda late by anyone's standards and almost impossibly late for me. My last ferry leaves the wharf at 8:15am. It takes me 14 minutes to walk to the ferry. Are you good at math? 6 minutes from horizontal til locking the gate and getting my shimmy down the road at shin splinting spead. I was going ok - well i didn't look great but I threw my make-up into my bag and grabbed my umbrella and couldn't find my keys for several precious minutes. Cursing myself for still not having a permanent home for keys feeling my window for leaving telescoping closed at alarming rate. I looked a *lot* like Mr Bean running around my place this morning. Finally found the keys in the back door *doh, that's right* and I was off and gone. By the time I huffed and puffed my way on board the ferry proclaiming I was far too unfit to be this late, the Ferryman [for want of his proper title] said "you're not late, we haven't left yet." Some poor sod behind me missed out - I saw him pelting across the carpark and mouthing a cuss word as we pulled away from the wharf.

So, I've looked tragic all day. Felt terrible with a pounding headache all afternoon. Getting off the Ferry feeling shattered, I almost jumped on the bus but I decided to walk home as punishment for sleeping in this morning. Half way out of the carpark, my phone rang and it was Greg offering a ride and chinese food and I was very grateful to have someone come get me from the Ferry as a treat. I'm home now and about to shower and sleep. Please, God of Sleep, let me.