ARIES (March 21-April 19): Are

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Are you the kind of Aries who pushes on doors that have "pull" signs? Do you think it's a thrill to open cartons from the end that reads "open other end"? Do you love to drive in the carpool lane when you're alone in your car? If so, I hope I can convince you to use your rebellious energy more constructively. You're now in possession of the finest insurrectionary energy I've seen in many moons. Your brilliant disobedience could overthrow a status quo that's sorely in need of being replaced.

Shania, don't come on over 03.05.2003 By LOUISA CLEAVE and WAYNE THOMPSON
Singer Shania Twain will need Government approval to buy a picturesque station near Lake Wanaka. Twain, who lives in Switzerland with her producer husband Robert Lange and their baby, is reported to have offered $16 million for the 17,000ha Motatapu Station behind Glendhu Bay on Lake Wanaka. ...more

03.05.2003 Paul Ekers: Possum Bourne, RIP