You know - who ever invented "change" needs shooting. Hell, no body likes it, no one copes well with it, if we didn't have change things'd stay the same and we'd all be happy and have bagels forever.

Half way up the Killer Hill that runs up the side of the Stamford Plaza is Abe's Bagels. I love that place. Not only do they make a damn fine large-flat-white-coffee-to-go, they have bagel-boy-staff (cept for the cute sweet girl) and I like watching those bagel boys work. It's completely unreasonable to assume the three boys (men) and one girl (woman) to make Abe's Bagels their lifelong career but I wasn't ready for the two new faces today. Sure, they're ok looking too - though chalk and cheese (nutberry brown and short and bubbly/tall pale blonde tall and quiet - well ok, he was concentrating), they seem to be "in training" the former being *too* friendly on the cash register and letting the line build up too long, the later being too careful and slow wrapping bagels compounding the wait but hell, we've all had to learn new things and "fast" often isn't the first thing we learn.

I forgot what I was saying.
Maybe I said it.

Today, Rosie and I went up to Borders so I might use this birthday gift/voucher which was burning a hole in my pocket (in my mind i always pronounce pocket as "poe-kay" - mostly because Mrs Bucket likes her name pronounced Bouquet). I wanted to buy a book on using Macromedia Freehand MX because it's a (nearly said a bad word) curse of a program for my brain. It was one of the first software programs I was taught and I never really understood why> I would want to use it. Years later - now - I understand, of course but sometimes I wonder if using Illustrator might be better but hell, I own Freehand so that's what I use. But I find it difficult. I'm sure i'm only ten hours from NOT finding it difficult, but its that learning curve that my patience won't let me climb. So. Borders. Freehand book. They only had one, and it was the Peach Pit Quick Start to Freehand 9, and considering i have that already and it's not *that* much help for more advanced needs, I was left standing at Borders with my hot little voucher screaming to be used.

We wandered around for a bit, and then I thought I'd have a quick look in the music section. I suddenly remembered Cracker. I had their Kerosine Hat CD years ago and lurved it.. every single track of it.. but as with all CDs that I have owned, I had lost it. Lord knows where the heck they all go. I asked Rosie to help me in the C section because, as Simon says, I have "man eyes" ie: can't see anything for looking. She is wonderful and found the right section and there were three CDs there, none of which was Kerosine Hat, but one of which was "the ultimate Cracker Collection" (or so the sticker said( Garage D'or. Yay. I bought that, along with Jack Johnson's Bushfire Fairytales and I have all this lovely music for my ears. I am a happy girl and thankyou to my workmates for chipping in for my voucher - I spent it on something that makes me smile and *isn't* computer based. That was a change for me, and it didn't hurt a bit!

Maybe change can be a good thing. Changing your underwear is good - we all know and appreciate that. Changing your hair style can be a good thing too. Changing the lead in your pencil never hurts. Changing the channel lets you watch several shows at once. Changing your ideas about people can be helpful and enlightening. Changing your phone number can definately solve some problems. Changing can sometimes mean leaving things behind: sometimes it means leaving people behind. But I guess, in the end, change is life - and if you don't change you go the way of the dinosaur - and changing with grace is a good thing to learn how to do.

I must put that on my "to do" list.