Toast and tea.

Three berry jam and butter on thick Tip Top bread.
Hot tea in a beautiful wedgewood cup, poured from a matching teapot.
The end of my day.

I'm super hungry. Looking forward to a chicken korma food court curry to be rudely interrupted after a fork full by the rattering of the fire alarm. I shovelled another couple of forks full of curry into my mouth before leaving with the rest of the foodcourt. Drats. Another ten minutes would have been better.

I really love my Wedgewood Sarah's Garden - I don't think there is anything nicer in my life than using these scrumptious platters and cups.

So the late night ferry home - spent an afternoon listening to Marshall present our philosophies to potential new contractors. He really does strike a cord with me and I enjoy listening to his presentations. I've never seen so many instructional designers in one place before. I thought they were of myth and legend, apart from Rosie, our default ISD'r..(she has the gene, you know - the "shes great at everything" gene) I had never seen a *real* one before.

My paranoia is peaking. I seem to be out of the loop at work.. is this the first signs of my job being phased out? or more to the point.. me being phased out? I hate not being busy. I hate not working like i own the company. I hate feeling like I'm not making a difference. I hate knowing that I might have a decision soon and I might make the wrong one. Or, I might make the right one, and suddenly not be working with the people I love to work with. Is money really more important to me? I've always said it isn't but you know what? I always end up working hard and being shafted financially so, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. apparantly.

I've never been well known for being sensible though.