ferry and custard squares

I just had the worlds BEST custard slice. Amazingly enough, it was purchased from Esquires which happens to make the slowest, most mediocre coffee in town!!

[later that same day in the comfort of her lovely house]
so the Ferry trip home had a few moments of excitement - well ok - when I say excitement I mean, I took my head phones off and looked out the window and said "wow, that can't be good". The Ferry was motoring up [down][along] the Harbour when it suddenly decelerated rapidly, honking it's horn [for want of a more nautical term] and doing the Ferry equivalent of a swerve. Seems there was a HUGE container ship and it was too close to the rocks and there wasn't enough room for us so we had to go to the left [starboard?] extra quickly. Now, don't get all worried, it wasn't as if I was thrown from my comforable seat or anything. As I said, I leaned forward, took my headphones off and looked out the window seeing the lulking [is that even a word?] dark shape of the other boat and the lights of the two tugs guiding it alongside. Seems to me, things like that happen in slowmotion.

ps: the date on the previous post is incorrect due to blogger's weirdness of the last 24 hours. it should read 1April rather than 2 April. thankyou. that is all.