michelle: *yelling up the hallway

michelle: *yelling up the hallway at work* THERE'S COFFEE READY IN THE KITCHEN!!
rosie: *wandering down the hall mock yelling back* THERE'S A GUEST WAITING IN RECEPTION!

OOPS.. I mean, oops. We're not a company that yells out to each other, we're a get-up-out-of-your-seat-and-go-to-them kind of company. We're also a grind-our-own-coffee-beans kind of company [though we have a "staff" jar of beans and a "client" jar of beans and don't even *get* me started on *that* subject] - which brings me to a point where I need to remind you that the coffee grinder is a bit temperamental, and requires a certain knack to get it to work - but one thing for sure, it doesn't matter how hard you lean on the grinder, how many times you bang it on the bench, or how you hold your tongue - if it's not plugged into a wall socket that puppy's not grinding *anything*.