Thank goodness Kaitlin made me

Thank goodness Kaitlin made me a fabulous new computer (see below) over the weekend because tonight, I borked my G4. I was emailing a friend when boom, well no ok it wasn't a *boom* it was a veil and a message requiring me to restart my computer by holding down the power button for several seconds. Which I did. And my computer restarted. And the apple appeared. And the computer "veiled" again and told me to restart. Which I did, and the computer restarted and then told me to restart it which I did - well, you get the picture. Like Bart Simpson and the electrified muffin, it took me a while to decide my computer was fux0red and so txt'd my trusty IT guy who traded a ride home from work for a maintenence session.

So now my borked G4 is being fiddled with by a PC junkie who wants to steal its DVD ROM drive. But such is life in the fast lane of computering.

Over the weekend, I wrote lots about the Ballet and about, well ok, mostly about the Ballet because I couldn't write about the crazygonuts stuff that goes on at work - but I haven't posted it yet - I was told it was "too harsh" but truth hurts, folks, and if you're not the right person to dance the lead you're *not the right person to dance the lead*

Okay, hands up who can tell I had jam and white chocolate for dinner.

PS: jam and white chocolate is a BAD dinner.