Is it just me,

ah, Aragorn, while you're down there mate..
Is it just me, or .. what *is* that
in Legolas' hand? I guess if an
Elf has a penis it may as well look
like that!

..."You have nothing more to lose, do you?" he asked softly. When steel blue eyes fastened upon him in surprise, Legolas nodded towards the keepsake lying against the Man's heart. "The love that would give you a reason to fear, that is lost to you. You think you have nothing survive for, and thus lies your courage."

Pain flashed in the eyes that Legolas admired too often. The emotion was quickly shuttered away as Aragorn turned from him. "You know nothing of what I feel, Legolas."

Legolas smiled sadly. "I dare to argue, Aragorn. The bittersweet torture of unfulfilled love is not yours alone to suffer. There is no reason for me to survive this night, either. We will fall together."

He felt Aragorn's startled gaze upon him as he descended the steps, but he did not turn back to look." ...Finding Faith