Guess where I am blogging

Guess where I am blogging from.. guess.. go on guess. No, not home. No, not work. YES, I am Blogging from the local McDonalds! A few weeks ago they installed four internet connected computers here, they call it CyberConnect. Mostly, only kids use them to play games online or to surf their fav. sites or to MSN. The adults 'round here don't seem to have any inclination to log on or maybe they don't know how. But, its kinda cool - they have these in Aussie too but from what I've heard the USA seem to be dragging the fast food internet connectivity chain.

Its a beautiful sunny day today - one could quite confidently say "summer is here" for the whole day. Girls have sleeveless tops on and Boys are out skating. Cars and clean and polished for the weekend and there is colour in the world again.

I have to work this afternoon, but Simon has connected our computers so at least I'll have company. We really are such geeks. Happy as Larry networked together and surfing and he's fiddling round in my directories. Hopefully I can reformat tomorrow if I get all my backing up done.