Monday night.. is it over

Monday night.. is it over yet? My inner child is rocking fit to burst. I hate being this far out of my comfort zone. The weekend was really lovely, but far too short. I spent it at Greg's place while he was away. I took my computer and we had a mini-LAN and it was lovely. Upgraded to XP and my computer looks 5 years younger! The monitor is still doing weird things, I think it's on its way out. Damn shame, I love it so.

Drinks with the boys on Wednesday if it all goes according to plan - Chris and Todd and that guy Pete [maybe] and maybe Jonathan too. Sonia might show up but with all those lovely, interesting, good looking men I wonder why I invited anyone else when I could have been the centre of the universe. Todd phoned today, he started his new job today and seemed happy but of course, he was missing us - I could hear it in his voice *grins*.

Work is Mad. It's a long week already. *working smarter - calling in sick*

Her: My daughter wants to buy a Mac.
Jam: Thats good. Macs are good.
Her: A G3.
Jam: Oh, yep.
Her: You know what that means?
Jam: Yes.
Her: Are they good?
Jam: Yes, Macs are good.
Her: Better than PCs?
Jam: Well. That's debatable. They're more expensive than PCs.
Her: Whys that?
Jam: Cos they're better?
Her: so she should buy it?
Jam: if she wants it, yeh.
Her: how much should she pay for it?
Jam: gosh, I'd really have no idea.
Her: yes you do.
Jam: no, I don't.
Her: you must know, you bought a Mac.
Jam: this is a second hand G3?
Her: yep
Jam: nah, I have no idea.. I know what the new Macs are new, but not an older Mac, secondhand. I wouldn't know.
Her: you must know.
Jam: I don't know. They don't even make them anymore, do they?
Her: yes they do.
Jam: but they've been superceded twice at least since then. surely they're not still making G3s.
Her: yes, they are.
Jam: how do you know?
Her: Because we've been comparing the prices of new G3s.
Jam: so... why are you asking ME if you already KNOW
Her: cos YOU HAVE A MAC.