I pulled up at the

where I spend my days
I pulled up at the Beaumont Street parking place and the barrier arm was down. It didn't raise as I inched forward, and the Parking Guy didn't hear my car as he was walking up the driveway. I tooted my horn a little. He turned and came back. "why you not come when I in the booth?" he asked in his broken but clear English. "cos I wait until you've locked the booth and are walking away before I come in!" I said and he laughed. "where you been? you not been here long time" he said, I told him how my car had died in Rotorua and that I'd been getting a lift in to the City with someone but now my car was fixed and back and I would be parking in his place more often "good" he said "you park over there" and pointed. "the Reserved for ACP Media parking?" i asked " the, near-the-gate parking??" "yes," He said "you park there, I take good care of your car."

Eight weeks and he still remembers me. Jonathan says it's because of my long rambly answers to his questions - and he's probably right. It was a weird day in that I had a few people at a Client's site who said things like "yes, you're michelle? I've seen you round" or "yes, I know who you are, you're michelle" when i don't know them at all. I can mostly remember people I've met - usually not their names but definately their faces - but I didn't know the people who said these things to me today. weirdness. When I worked at Aztech, some of the guys down at Huntly used to call me Ms Aztech. "how're you today, Ms Aztech" "want to share lunch with us, Ms Aztech" that kinda thing.

Maybe I have a sticky aura.

made my day
A year ago today I started working for this Company. We had muffins for afternoon tea to celebrate the occasion, and they gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers. All I can say, besides thankyou, is to give you all a tip.. and it goes something like "oil the squeaky wheel" cos I've been whinging about it being a whole year since I started for so long they had to muffinise and flowerise me to shut me up ! thanks guys.

god, I miss this woman