Poor Chopin's Ghost: a

he only meant to give himself a trim

Poor Chopin's Ghost: a moment of carelessness and he's got a whole new hair style going on. Makes me remember [because it's all about ME] all the times I had disasterous things happen to my hair. Like the time my mother arranged for me to have a 'trim' with her friend's hairdressing_apprentice_daughter. My hair wasn't all that long, just past shoulder length but it was as short as a boy's hair by the time that hairdresser was finished with it. Or the time I was at dinner with my ex's boss and his wife and the managers of the company at a Korean bbq restaurant. All 80's hair and swept back and hairspray.. I leaned to light my cigarette on the gas burner in the center of the table, sitting back, smoking and looking cool and wondering why there is a rapidly growing look of horror on the faces of my companions. The Boss started hitting me on the head and it took a couple of hits before i realised he was putting out the fire and not just smacking me around. I had burned the hair right back to my scalp, that took years to grow back properly. Or the time I had a perm and half on it feel out.. the left half. Half a curly head half a straight head. Or that time.. no wait.. I'm not going into all the "colouring disasters" I'll be here all night.

There are plenty of things worse than that sick feeling when you've done something so visibly stupid to your appearance, and its where that saying comes from "whatever doesn't kill makes for cheap content for your website".