James is leaving. He is

James is leaving. He is not being replaced by a whole-nother-james but being dissected and distributed amongst the multimedia department. Who has the skills to fill the puzzle that is James? Can Jonathan be the programming brains that was James? Will Todd be the person we run to with our database worries? Will Rosie be the person who can add and delete client access to and from information? Who will fix my computer when it doesn't work? What if a client needs to know something about the compatibility of their networks and our programs? Can James be divvied up this easily? Maybe. We won't know until all the invisible things start not being done after he leaves I guess. And which part of James do I get? nothing.. because there is nothing I can do that is anywhere near Jamesy enough to count. All I can do is go get bagels by myself - or sit and eat lunch and stare at the skinny tattoo'd freaks alone or not giggle at strategic eye rolling during staff meetings and Friday drinkies.

It's not a good thing that he's going. I don't care if he needs a holiday or wants greener pastures. It's not a good thing that he's going.