There is a pecking order

Faffing on the Jungle Gyms

There is a pecking order in families. It's hard to know when you step up a notch, maybe you never do. I spent a few days at home this weekend - I look at the word "home" and wonder what that means to me these days. I've always referred to The Farm as home, but I guess that's changed now there are so few people living there. I think of Greg's place as home too. I don't think of the place I live as home. When Chris has to nag me to "go home" its because I don't really have one any more. I very well may have one soon but I don't have one yet. And haven't had one for a while. Maybe that's why my brother sleeps on people's couches - he doesn't have one either. I must be thinking of Home like a "home base".

Last night I gave notice to my Landlady. I'm on the move again. Packing? thankgoodness I never really unpacked. Looking for a bigger place for less money. *grins* I know, a dime a dozen. Let's see what I can find.

Driving back to Auckland from Waitara, through a thunderstormy Island, going was slow at times. Driving up Otaraoa Road to say goodbye to The Farm People and a lightning strike close to the car. I got a fright and Amy let out a loud "HOLY FUCK" and described the white light/orange firey ball that was too close for comfort. The rate of lightning strikes seems to have gone up in this country, or maybe its just the ability to record them or something. well we can say loudly ONE and verify it connected with the earth.

have your cake and eat it too

I'm so excited - the 18th of December is nearly upon us, and we all know what *that* means. I will buy my tickets on Friday. I'll buy two. Want to come?

what would i do for content without msn

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quote of the day from Jonathan 'This is just screaming piechart!'