From Penny - The Lament

he talks more than he writes

From Penny - The Lament of the Laid Off Contractor (who's next?)

I have mountains of it
I have tummy ache
Ache ache ache
Feels like fallopian pain
Be distressed I’m gone
Be very distressed
Sob and wail
Whence next we meet
Verily I say unto you
All will not be delivered
The shit…………..
Wot will I do for $?
How will I feed my children
I could save the shit
Some animals feed their young their shit
Its supposed to be good for them
Not sure about that!

Jonathan: "I'm very nearly an arse expert"
Rosie: "You need to watch this again"

Me: according to the advertising, I have the 6 signs of damaged hair and the 7 signs of aging.
David: yeh, you're perfect.