"You don't seem to understand,"

rosie is a beautiful artist
"You don't seem to understand," said the duck, "beagles aren't supposed to have wings." The beagle stretched his wings, the feathers softly rustling as he moved. "Danged if I know," he said. The duck waddled over to the window. "Looks like the pond is icing over." Beagle wasn't listening. He was busy lifting his newly formed wings as high as he could. "I wonder if I can fly" he said. The Duck snorted, "of course you can't fly, dogs can't FLY. If you could FLY," continued the duck watching the flurries of snow outside the window, "you wouldn't be a DOG." Duck turned back into the room, looking at the Beagle. The beagle smiled, "these things are *so* cool." The duck tilted his head a little, "yeh, they're all right.