Monday Morning. Well.. okay.. Monday-After-LunchDavid:

Monday Morning. Well.. okay.. Monday-After-Lunch

he made my photos go blurry

David: You know, we don't need an X in the alphabet. The sound it makes can be made with 'cs' like.. Macs, and Ec sit and ec site.
Me: You're right.. like.. Sex could be 'secks'
David: Okay, maybe we do need an X in the alphabet.

The weekend was nice. It started with a knees-up at the Claddagh loosely titled "Aztech Production's Christmas Party". Normally, having only two Aztech staff members show up might suggest the evening was a misfire, but, considering who the two are, they were all that were needed. Talk about Rent-a-Crowd. The highlight of the evening had to be Kyle breakdancing. I didn't even know he could.. I'm still not so sure he can!

like a fish on lino

Saturday was nice - spent it with David and went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Wow - was that about 15% of the overall budget spent on the House Elf alone? he was simply fabulous. His movements were subtle and fluid and he was worth every single penny. On coming home, we watched the Oprah special on the movie. They kept saying how much scarier it was than the first one.

Me: David? was it scary?
David: Hello?? where you *AT* the movie??!!

So I guess it was.

Life's a Beach