oh Lord, why am I

oh Lord, why am I so tired? arg, it's because I have my period. It's either a week early or I can't count to 28 with any real reliability.

It just wipes me out. I am so surprised when I look in my mirror and my eyes aren't hanging out. Can't really explain that descripition anymore than that.

Lawyer day today. It's not like me to really share that much of my offline activities online, but I spose it's a Life Milestone so requires a mention. There isn't any need to go into details, except to say, everything is cool. (the technical lawyerspeak for 'amicable'). We have the slowest, most drawn out, most friendly marriage desolution in history. On one hand, I have people in my life who didn't even know I was married (no, not you.. a woman I know who lives by Karen, I've known her ten years and last year she was gobsmacked to find out I wasn't single - but I was because we had split up so long ago but rah rah you know ANYWAY) and now I have people who think I am reconciled with Greg because we spend time together and still go out and such. Just goes to show, no one knows what's going on cept the people it's going on with (to). So after a seperation of over four years, it's finally only a matter of weeks away - that's if I can find the Marriage Certificate which hasn't been sited since the early eighties when it was entrusted to our Financial Broker, never to be seen again. I might have to apply for another one, edging out the decree nici (or whatever it's called) a little further, but a few weeks isn't going to hurt anyone, not after all this time.

Paul asked me how I felt - happy/sad/whatever. I feel like the time is right, and I feel like everything is good, and I feel as I usually feel coming from my lawyers: like skipping and singing.

That can't be all bad.