Rachelle's laughing at me again.

Rachelle's laughing at me again. It's not a "you're so witty you make me laugh" laugh or a "laughing with you" laugh. She's laughing AT me and my Jamjar video from last year. We both agree that when you watch it you can almost hear the heavenly choir in the background, it looks so much like the opening credits to a Saturday Morning Evangelist. I just told her she "has to learn on her own, she'll retain more that way" what I really mean is "i don't know how to do it" but I won't tell her that.

So, why am I writing in the middle of the afternoon? simply put, the Boss has decided today is "one of those days" you know the kind? days where you can't cope with work and/or life in general? yeh, in this instance, any day that ends in a Y.. so he's gone home. We have SO much work to do, but then, it is nice without him and I can get to spend a little bit of time on this faster internet connection spilling type into a box at geocities.

How long have I had my own domain name? Still nothing over there. It's partly a time thing, that is, not having much of it spare these days. It's mostly (because lets face it, this is ME, and I make time for the things I want, it's what makes me so selfish) because I have no idea what to put over there. I am hoping that working on this project for work, which is heavily Flash based, will give me the confidence and/or the direction I need to put something interactive up at michellepark.com.

Mags and I have decided Thursday's between 7pm and 9pm - alternating houses - would be our Patchwork/Quilting time. We both have loads to do and miss doing it. We are going to start with a treat in the way of a Block of the Month through Grandmother's Garden. Cats. I am notoriously awful at keeping up to date with Blocks of the Month, but Mags is generally fabulous at keeping up. It's a start though, and will be nice to be back to threading needles and bleeding fingertips and cutting the mat instead of the fabric etc etc. I'm looking forward to it.

We are having trouble remember how to do stuff in a 3D program so I'd better get back to it.