Welcome to Today's Episode, where

Welcome to Today's Episode, where Life is Cheap and Michelle decides to "save a forest" by using the same page for another diary entry.

You would think the recipe for instant coffee so simple it is foolproof. The minute differences in the numbers of grains of coffee and sugar ratio to milk and liquid are so delicate, that to be 'off' by only a small amount will result in an assault on the tastebuds.

Speaking of which, did you know that Women can taste more of a range then men? Apparently because we need to know if the berries are poison or not, we have the higher capacity for bitter flavours than a man so we don't accidently flavour the saber tooth tiger evening meal.

Today is Tuesday. I have developed a worrying habit. It wasn't worrying until this morning when I suddenly realised I was doing it. I found myself wishing I would crash my car. What kind of sicko drives hoping some speeding idiot's going to plow into the side of my car. Or head on, I think that head on'd be easier to survive considering the develpments in car safety. But then, is surviving the accident what I want either?

I watched a television programme about car safety a while back. It was very interesting. About how the advances in automobile safety was privately driven. The most interesting part being that before the development of 'crash test dummies' ie: lifelike manikins with diodes and sensors, they used cadavers. They wrapped them up in white bandages and dropped them down lift shafts to discover degrees of impact trauma. Strapped them into vehicles to see how the dashboard or the steering column or the head rest impacted during a collision. Funny the things you never think about until you're told. I just assumed crash test dummy manikins were what were used but they took a long time to develop, and are very expensive. They are based on information gathered from deaths of adults. Due to the low number of children's bodies that are 'left to science' or are autopsied after car accidents, childlike crash test dummies are not as fully programmed as they need to be. Yet these tests are the most important because protecting children in a moving vehicle is of a great importance.

Seat belts, airbags, softer more shock-absorbing materials being used in vehicles is a direct result of the tests run by this private reseach. The majority of car manufacturers were kicking and screaming all the way into a safer driving experience though.