It's Friday. It's not warm.

It's Friday. It's not warm. Today is easy - I made sure of that - I feel I need it.

I'm eating my lunch in front of the Computer today. Chatting and writing in here. It's cold outside, all grey and overcast. I had a chicken pie. Not the best for lunch, as I'm sure I'll get sleepy in about half an hour, but it was fast and warm. That's the main thing. We have a 'guy' coming in this afternoon. He's a multimedia developer claiming 6 years LINGO experience. I just wanted a distraction and to meet someone else in the Industry. He's bringing his iBook in to give us a demo of his work at afternoon tea time.

Next week is shaping up quite nicely. Justin emailed to say he and Farah are going to see The Matrix at IMAX on Monday night so Ra and I thought we'd go too. On Tuesday is the Macromedia conference, so I'm trying to talk Ra into a motel room in town overnight - it's not working.

I'm getting better and better at thinking "Flash". I've been animating all week, basically, and it's getting more and more comfortable. It's nice to get the visual results and not settling for the film loop options with their less than acceptable control. The conference on Tuesday'll be good - its mostly to launch the newest version of Flash, but to 'spread the macromedia' word too. It's always good for the hype. PLUS.. it's not 'at' work.

Rachelle and I went to The Patriot last night. *knuckle bite* Heath Ledger. Yum. Long movie though, and I have to say, Mel Gibson runs like a girl. He's a hopeless actor too, when he's sposed to show emotion he just looks silly. I know he means well, but frankly, he stinks. He should stick to running (not like a girl) and being stanch. That movie.. not Ransom.. that other one, where he was a thief and someone doublecrossed him and he had to get his money back. drats. you know the one (on the tip of my brain) arg. it'll come to me. Anyway.. he should just stick to those movie lines. In all his movies, his family dies - if not all of them, then at least a couple of them - then he has to go seek revenge (okay so in Ransom the kid doesn't die but his freedom is violated - still upset Mel)

Grrr.. no one decent to chat with in the Articulate. I wish [actual]'d just SHOW up dammit. Fraz is online but busy. Not that I want company just that, company is nice. No one seems to be around anymore.

*high pitched whinging* I don't know what to put on my new web page. I keep coming here and shoving more CRAP into this space when I have this lovely, clean, advertising free zone over at and it's EMPTY. I am suffering the Web's equivalent of whitefright. (you know? when an artist is confronted with a new canvas, white and new and can't get a mark onto it) I think I must have built up the dot com too large in my brain, given it too much importance, and lets face it, NO one's gonna go there anyway.. like here, the average hits/day is 2 so whatthehell am I worrying about.