well that was a mighty

well that was a mighty fine start to my diary today. I clicked the X. *doh*. I was telling you that Kebab Korner has the Best Kebabs.

Phil was in this morning to do half an hour of voice. I was a smidgen late - well technically I was five minutes early but because HE was 15 minutes early that made ME look late. *mumbles* mind you, I should have been in earlier. That bed is going to be the ruin of me.

It's just soooo comfy with the sheepskin underlay. I'm warm every night all the time now and it's just heavenly. So much so, that I am having trouble staying out of my bed. I get up. Get back in. Get up - shower - get back in. I am spending two hours every morning wandering around trying unsuccessfully to resist the call of the comfort.

God, i am fantasising about it now *drifts off*

I'm having a 'not so bad' week so far. Busy, but what else is new? Getting some things animated, learning and getting faster in Flash. Thinking about michellepark.com and virtuallykicking myself for not doing anything about that. (not kicking too hard though).

I am the most boring person these days. People are always asking me "what's new" and "what's happening" and its just -nothing- nothing is new, nothing is happening. I have nothing to say and nothing to contribute. That works okay if you are in Line of Sight because you can just sit quietly, but online, it equals silence which doesn't work quite so well.