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"aztec EN zed dot co dot en zed"

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"aztec EN ZED dot co dot en zed"

"OHHH....aztec EN ZED dot co dot en zed"

why don't people listen to me? I know that it's a little confusing, having two "nz"s in the same address but it's not Rocket Science, just L I S T E N.

Anyway, it got sorted. I went deep inside myself and pretended I was patient. It sort of worked. Today is strange. My hair is SO fluffy even I can't take myself seriously. I've worked quite hard today, got loose ends tied up etc. Lots to do, but getting done and all that jazz.

Tonight. TONIGHT. I go to see the Big K as the BIG K.. at IMAX. You know the place? the multistory screen movie theatre is showing The Matrix at four time's the normal size. *goes wobbly* RUN KEANU RUN.

But wait.. there's more.

Justin's going too. And Farah, and a clutch of their friends, and me and Ra.

But wait.. there's more.

Tomorrow is the Macromedia conference ALL DAY in the CITY and we all know what the City holds for the likes of Ra and myself? yes.. yes.. that's right.. fried banana pancakes. *homer drools*

But WAIT.. there's MORE.

We LOVE the Macromedia conference and we are HOPING like Crazy that there will be a demonstraion model of the G4 Cube for us to drool over.

But WAIT.. there's MORE.

I get a new Macromedia "Build for Speed" pen (maybe)

That's all.

Very exciting, don't you think?