I was a little late

I was a little late getting to Mags' place for dinner tonight. Just as well they love me anyway. Mags' has had a tough old week this week. Her Grandfather died, the funeral was on Monday. Tonight I went with her to her Uncle's home across town to pick up a few items her Grandfather wanted Mags' and her siblings to have.

Death brings out the family politics. The "what can I gain from this" vultures we all have as relations somewhere in the family tree. Mags the Peacemaker. She is loyal and has such an ingrained sense of duty and responsibility. Bridging the gap between family members who refuse to speak or attend the funeral. Her family is so damn lucky to have Mags in their family. It's only people like her that hold that lot together - for want of a better term.

:: :: :: ::

I bought bed stuff. I won't be cold anymore. Warm wool and cream on cream on white. My bed has become rather stylish. Want to come over and see?

:: :: :: ::

I didn't really ever understand what Nick was going on about in class last year. He lost me time and time again, especially in Flash. So I have been timid using it. Today I made several animations, and I thought I would share with you the first every fully ME animation I have ever made in Flash. I drew it, I animated it. I am quite proud of myself. I enjoyed myself doing it too. I've a long way to go but feel so much more confident after Ben here worked out okay.

(Flash portion removed)