It's over. YAH! The Bartley-Smith

It's over. YAH! The Bartley-Smith Ballet Academy's Production for 2000 is over. My bones hurt my toe is sore (dropped a prop *doh*) but now I have my life back. I have been superstressed through this entire thing. Three weeks isn't enough to design and make sets when you only have after work or weekends to make them. It's like this every year I should be used to it.

(grr's at the printer)

I swear, besides word processing packages, using a printer is the hardest thing I have to do. This printer.. no, EVERY printer is so temperamental. I can never get a simple eight page document to print without having some kind of problem. My printer at home is a pain too. It was cheap, it is bottom of the scale printerwise (Epson 300) but really, 12 mins per sheet of type? and it hasn't got a paper catching tray, so if I need to print say, 24 pages of something, I have to set it running and then go to work. I come home to flutters of pages across the carpet - and if I don't make it add page numbers I am stuffed as far as sorting say, 30 pages of code into some sort of sense.

Rachelle is laughing at me. The printer has printed .. Oh i cant even describe what the stupid thing has done.