I was going to write

I was going to write something. Was in the mood or so I thought. Maybe it was the rhubarb, or the cream, but something's mellowed my brain into that soft spongey stuff of non-thought. You know when you are really really tired from great and satisfying exersion, and after showering and drying, powdering warm feet falling into bed sinking in the softness? that's how my brain feels. I am not sure I can claim it's been exerted of late to any real extent [thinks] i suppose the end of the week was a wee bit stressful and required some by-the-seat-of-your-pants decision making. I suppose.

My weekend has been very quiet. Being at home, cleaning [with my new colour co-ordinated cleaning equipment] sorting papers that have been loose for months, buying ink for the printer and a mouse pad and a spare mouse [USB for a change] and generally mooching around.

Ran into Simon and Crow at the petrol station [funnily enough at Dick Smith's today too - are they stalking me? they asked me the same question] they had just come out of Mission Impossible 2. I said I wanted to see it, so they said lets go.. and we did. Tom Cruise has a lot of hair.

Nearly bought a book today. Carried it around the bookstore for ages before decided I didn't really need it. It was a survival handbook.. how to survive a snake bite, how to survive when your parachute doesn't ope, how to save yourself from quicksand. Yeh, I know, great book. I actually found it funny. How to get a crocodile to release it's grip (on you?) or a shark? information you may need once in your lifetime.

Maybe I'll go back and get that book tomorrow. Hope I don't need to make fire without matches before then.