American Independence Day Weekend -

American Independence Day Weekend - apparently - well yes, a date the entire world is aware of.. the fourth of july. My favourite Disney movie was Pollyanna, so I know all about the fourth of July (gradually adding capitals into the mix) corn on the cob and watermelon and little fluttering flags and ka-booming fireworks and singing the National Anthem and winning dolls and falling out of trees and never being able to walk again and the town rallying 'round to show how much they love you and going by train to a surgeon who can help. Yep.. I know allll about the 4th of July celebrations, thanks to that wonderful contraption, the television.

We have Waitangi Day on February 6th. It's to celebrate (I use that term loosely) the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. It was an agreement between the British and the Maori to end the conflict over land and ownership etc. A Treaty which is still being contested today, because the Maori claim it was unfair and they didn't or hadn't understood what they were giving up at the time. I really don't know a lot about it, it seems to be simple and complicated. Over the years, different tribes have been paid out in compensation, millions upon millions of dollars. Now I read that they want compensation for the use of the air and the airwaves, and I just, I don't understand it. I'm just mentioning it because I am just mentioning it. I haven't enough information to have any sort of opinion. As I am told, it is complicated.

I slept and dreamed restless dreams last night. After sleeping all afternoon I watched tv and kept an eyeball on the computer. Nothing strenuous there. Then back to bed to sleep again. Restlessly waking up through the night seeing it was still dark and drifting back to dreams. My throat is a lot better, I can still feel it but it's not so sore. The pain in my eye is still there. My eye has a headache when it's open. My muscles ache, my neck, my back. I feel better than I did yesterday, which is just as well, because I have a lot to do this weekend.