I felt the sunlight on

I felt the sunlight on my face. My eyes squeezed to slits not used to the intensity. Almost as if I havent seen sun for so long. Going to work in the almostdark and coming home in the verydark, working in an office without glass or natural light. It was seeming to me that light was no longer an option.

I have come home. I have finished pressing work and put my back pack on my back and left work to come home, to my warm, quiet flat. My bed is waiting for me and I intend not to disappoint it.

This is the best bed I have ever had. I like it at night and in the morning. I like it tucked tight and sharp and tidy and I like it blanket piled like heapings of cosy. My pillows don't fall down the back and the mattress doesn't saggle in the middle. I can sit up and read or I can curl around and dream. I've had sex in my bed and it has good traction. I can sleep spread like a starfish or coiled like some other rockyshore creature whose name I don't know.

My hottie is pretty neat too. Last night I slept with it on my back. My muscles are aching from whichever germ has invaded, but the hottie was comforting and warm and weightyenough.

Today in the post there was the invoice from Network Solutions for my domain name. I havent paid for it so it's not official but I seem to be able to upload to it. *smiles* want to know what it's called?


People laugh at me when I tell them but I say, if it's good enough for Martha Stewart, its good enough for me *g* I am hoping it will be more a portfolio/work/skill related site. Of course, one needs to find time to actually make the files to upload but that will happen. By the time I pay for the site and get the keys to it, so to speak, I will be chomping at the bit to get stuff up there. This makes me very happy.

eep I am so into narrow columns and small type. Well, just thank your lucky stars I am not screwing 'round with the size of the text.