I have been a spasmodic

I have been a spasmodic diary keeper of late. I can't promise anything will change. Easter weekend is nearly here and I hope to, plan to, want to.. spend it htmling all weekend. I miss fiddling around with coding and graphics.

Work is okay, though I don't feel terribly secure. Not that I feel I will be fired or anything, but the Company itself doesnt have a very strong foundation according to my instincts. Maybe I am wrong. I hope so. Though I grumble about work, there are few openings for people using Director with limited experience. I need time.

I love my flat. It's small but I love it. I love the privacy and I love the quiet. I love the freedom and I love the responsibilty.

Went to see two movies over the weekend. Both I would advise you to swerve. Erin Brockovich and Mission to Mars.. both duds.. trust me. How they can spend so much money on no story continues to amaze me. Mission to Mars was particularly poor. I need to go to Stuart Little to buck movie going spirit up. It's Michael J. Fox.. it has to be fab.

I went to see Mission to Mars with Greg last night. Heh. Anyother man and I guess it would have been a date. It was nice enough. We rarely talk. Though thats us. I turn the stereo up in the car and sing. He tells me which bits I laugh at in the movie aren't supposed to be laughed at. Then he drops me home. Simple evening. I guess that means we are friends. I guess too, that's a good thing. Why do we go out? He says "we are our only options" *chuckles* smooth? haha. ==*aside* someone this evening said maybe Greg hasn't realised I have other options yet. interesting.*aside*==

I am missing Sander. It's been forever since he went to the States. I know he's having a wonderful time. I want him to have a wonderful time. I just miss him, you know? And Adam's offline for a while and I miss him too. Time of the year, all the Northern Hemispherers start having Spring Break and Summer Vacation and holidays to France and and.. and .. I will be here when they all come home. I haven't seen Mike in a monkey's age. I hope everything is grand with him, though I am sure it is.