I drive to Fast Eddies

I drive to Fast Eddies to buy my fish and chips. They are by far the nicest around, even though it's a long way out of my way to get there.

I don't really go there all that often. Maybe once a month or so. He is really friendly. I am not sure if he remembers me or if he's like this with everyone, but he treats me as if I visit him weekly. He's very familiar in a good way.

Tonight I drove over to his shop. Painted on his window in big writing is a special "terikihi strips and chips" and I thought yes, there's my dinner for one. Ordering it he asked "just one?" and I said yes, just one terikihi and chips for me. He suggested I wasnt very hungry to which I assured him I was and he told me terikihi strips and chips wasn't enough for me. I said I had no idea what to order now and could he just give me some food please. So his wife made up a bundle of hot food and sauce and wrapped it up and gave it to me and off I went after paying $5.

I decided eating it in front of Mags was the best option to hightailed it down the hill to his house. On opening the package on her coffee table I found Eddie had given me a scoop of chips, three crumbed fish and a potato fritter. Like.. ten dollars worth and miles more than I could eat..enough for three people I would think.

What a guy.

It was nice to have someone be nice to me. Not that people aren't nice to me, because they tend to be. I don't ruffle too many feathers. After yesterday, I am still feeling tender. I guess.. what do I guess. I guess.. it hurts to be let down. And it hurts to know I still believe in someone who consistantly lets me down. In fact, its the only thing he has consistantly done since I met him. He has no idea he does it either, mostly because I don't rank high in his list of priorities. Never have. I should know better - but I don't. So.. it continues to hurt. Stupid cycle.

Moving on Moving on. I look forward to the day stuff like yesterday doesn't bother me anymore. I hope its soon.