Today is Easter Monday. It's

Today is Easter Monday. It's raining, it's been raining all day. I have been horizontal all day. In my bed. Snoozing, reading, snuggling down, thinking, dreaming. *chuckles* Actually, I have been reading a book on using your time wisely. Every minute counts, every minute is valuable. I read and I snoozed. I could have worked. I could have walked. I could have bought some food. I did nothing all day. I use I too much. Do you like my menu? Off to the left there? DHTML is cool stuff. Needing to use my time wisely so I can learn this stuff in more depth. CCS, DHTML, XML just for starters. I have a tummy ache. Not a really bad one but just a few cramps that are making themselves known. Enough of an excuse not to go into work at all this weekend. Taking a long weekend seemed wrong given the amount of work on, but then, do I get paid enough to care this much? I think not.